Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Busy-ness

Today dawned cloudy. I was so sleepy that I never heard Husby's alarm go off, and that's super unusual for me! Baby Girl woke around 8am (God answered my prayer for extra sleep!) and I took that as my cue to rise from the dead. (This sinus-infection is really zapping my energy!) There was much to accomplish on this gray, humid day.

We were out the door around 9am. My goal - hit up Walgreens, CVS, and Target before Baby Girl decided she'd had enough of the car seat. I almost made it. She made her protests known as we checked out at Target. By the time we returned home, her wails were reaching a peak... Oh for the day when she will sit in the cart and be amused with a toy!

Since she's been down for a nap, I put groceries away, reorganized the fridge, ate lunch, made brownies (for the coupon swap tonight!) cleaned kitchen, and surfed the net. Now it's about time to leave for my twice-weekly babysitting gig. I will spend 4 hours with 4 kids under age 8, plus Baby Girl. Then I will drive home, drop her off for her daddy to put her to bed, and go to my first ever coupon swap. Yay!!! I'm super-excited to meet the ladies from the forums, and hopefully get some great Q's!

Today's deals:
Spent 7.84, received $4 in Extra Care Bucks, saved $10
Got: 2 Colgate Pro-Clinical Toothpastes, 1 Huggies Wipes, & 1 gallon Borden milk

Spent $11.59, received $5 GC, Saved $17
Bought: 3 jumbo packs Huggies diapers

(I'll post the awesome deals, and not my whole grocery trip... it wasn't all on sale or a deal, but some things you just need...)
2 Classico alfredo sauces, 2 44oz red pasta sauces, 1lb. ground beef - $2.77+tax!
2 Off! clip on repellent - $3+tax
Chocolate Silk 1/2 gal. - .69!
2pk Up&Up mouthwash - 2.48(less than the price of one regularly!)
and other goodies....

Time is short, I must go!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting New

Every so often I make a resolution to myself to begin blogging regularly... A few posts are made and then I get distracted and forget, or fail to make the time. And yet, I really like blogging. So here I am, once again, making a resolution to start blogging. Again.

Life is a little different now, and yet still very much the same. Difference #1: The baby is here, and how incredibly precious she is. Three months old already! She's got the chubbiest cheeks and thighs with the cutest rolls... *sigh* I fall more in love with her every day. Difference #2: I'm no longer working and am officially a SAHM. Funny thing... I don't really miss it. Methinks I was meant to live life this way. Umm... I guess those are the biggest differences.

Mommyhood is awesome. Yes, there are trying days, but the joys - like seeing my daughter's face light up in a huge slobbery grin - erase all the irritations. Lack of sleep? Yes, but holding her warm little body in the middle of the night fills me with a new burst of energy. Fussy and clingy all day long, leaving me with little time to do anything else but hold her? I forget all that when she falls asleep on my chest while we rock in the rocking chair, sucking her little fist. She's overtaken my life, and I couldn't mind less.

I have a new hobby. It's not all that glamorous, but it's fun. For me, at least. Couponing! It's a game. A challenge. And I get a little crazy over it sometimes. But it's been SO cool to see our food and household item selections grow without spending any more money. Rather than living from one weekly shopping trip to the next, having to almost completely stock up each time, we now have extra ahead of time. Advance warning: from time to time, I am going to post about my savings adventures and deals I find. Hope it doesn't bore you, and if it does, well... you were warned!

Today I'm babysitting a 7 month old. He's been hanging out with me and Baby Girl all day. It's been a little interesting... Baby Girl, who can't yet entertain herself, and K. After I agreed to watch him I wondered if I'd been crazy, but gratefully it's gone rather well. (knock on wood) Their naps have alternated a little, overlapped some, and right now Baby Girl is still asleep while K sits on my kitchen floor, happily banging plastic measuring cups together. All in all, I give today's adventure a two thumbs up!

One more thing, and then I'll go for today. I must get this post-pregnancy body back into shape! The first 6 weeks were ok, and even good - I felt so small after delivery. But now... ugh... My goal: to fit back into my clothes, not only from pre-pregnancy, but from pre-marriage! (Why is it that the first year of marriage so often leads to extra pounds?) That's a good 20 pounds or more and it's going to be brutal... I love eating and hate exercising. Accomplishment: today while the babies were both napping I did 30 minutes of Pilates. Cheer me on!

What's new in YOUR world?