Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in the middle

I'm in the middle of another week. Work is fine. I think I have clicked pretty well with everyone and found a niche. Ryan is healing, day by day. Last week was pretty rough for him, dealing with pain, lack of sleep, and nausea for several days. Not fun! We go Tuesday for a check up and have fingers crossed that he will be given a walking cast and permission to be more active. I have taken up regular exercising again. Three cheers for me! Not so fun... (today kicked me in the pants!) but I do love the results.

People keep asking how married life is, and my answer comes easily... A huge, resounding "Great!". We have slipped right into things and literally have had no major adjustments. It's wonderful. *happy sigh* I love waking up every morning next to him... My very best friend and the love of my life. Yes, I know we are newlyweds, and that people say it won't last - but guess what? They're wrong. We will have rough times, yes, but just watch... we will be hopelessly in love for the rest of our lives. So there all you pessimistic people!