Saturday, October 3, 2009

little bits of progress

Baby registry - done. Stroller, car seat, bed, various blankets and trinkets. SO much fun!! The girls at work are planning a baby shower. How cool and sweet is that?! I'm slowly piecing together a maternity wardrobe... a pair of cute skinny(ish) jeans here, khaki shorts there, flowy tops here, baby bump sporting tshirts there. A friend is bringing me the maternity clothes she is now done with... Yay for passing things on! Let's see... what else? I thoroughly cleaned out my closet this week, making space for baby things. I have begun knitting a baby blanket. All fuzzy and soft and cuddly.... When I start thinking ahead to the coming months, I can't help but grin. And also..... (!) I'm pretty sure I've felt Caitlyn move! At 20 weeks, it's more than likely but it's weird at first... trying to distinguish between gas or stomach gurgles and teeny baby kicks. Weird, but amazing all the same. This is such an incredible adventure, that of growing a baby. More to come later! :)