Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i've lived a year's worth of life in only a few weeks

The plan was to move me from Lansing to Tulsa in the week between Christmas and New Years. Ryan's one-way plane ticket was purchased and everything was set. He would arrive, we'd visit family, say goodbyes, and then drive away with as many of my belongings as would fit into my car. One week before our plans were to begin, my car broke down. Miraculously, it quit in a parking lot, and didn't leave me stranded, but the needed repair meant replacing the engine. Too expensive, considering the age of the car, not to mention that I still owed the bank a considerable amount. NOw how was I going to make the move? Frustrations were many those next few days. Tears were shed and many prayers were sent upwards.

At almost the last moment, without us mentioning anything, Ryan's employer offered to let him use his company truck to make the trip to Michigan, and not only that, gave Ryan a bonus specifically for the trip. Our gasoline and food would be paid for! We were also able to get the plane ticket cancelled and now have a credit with the airline to use in the next year.

Long story short, on the way up to Lansing, late at night, Ryan fell and broke his ankle in two places. He had to use OnStar to get an ambulance. Gel, Dale and I made the trip from Lansing to Springfield, Illinois, in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to get him from the hospital. Our Christmas was very eventful! Moving was now going to be a bit trickier. My family pitched in LOTS and helped me get everything packed up. Moving day arrived and I made the entire drive from Lansing to Tulsa with Ryan in the backseat, foot propped up on boxes. Looooooooong drive.
Friends helped unload in Tulsa, and I began to settle in at my new place. Things were not going to go as planned with my new roommate, and after a visit to Ryan's doctor, we found out that we were facing surgery in order for his ankle to heal properly. He had no insurance, I had no car, and we needed to remedy the housing situation relatively soon. Many prayers were sent upwards again and again.

An offhanded, joking comment, "If we were married, you would be on my insurance right away, and that would cover surgery." And we stopped in realization of how many other things would be easier and fall into place if that were the case. Rent - we'd only be paying for one place. We could get financing for a car. We would have help with medical costs. And many other things... We prayed. We talked to each of our families. And we jumped into wedding planning. Detail after detail fell into place, and our awe at God's goodness grew. We found an apartment. I found a wedding dress. My family made the long drive safely. A week and a half later, I found myself walking down the aisle of a country church, looking at the smiling faces of so many dear people. As I stood at the altar, looking into Ryan's eyes, my excitement grew with every phrase I repeated. "I do..."

Ryan and I were able to get away for a short weekend, and then returned to life at it's extremely fast pace. Doctor's appointments. Work schedules. Grocery shopping. Selling my old car via long distance. New drivers license details. Setting up a household. It's been busy!

We've found a church we love. It's similar to Trinity, the church I was attending in Lansing. It kind of feels like home. Once Ryan's foot heals, we're going to join a small group, and I'm anxious for that.

Speaking of Ryan's foot... We have met many delays. It's been an uphill battle, working through red tape and insurance details. We were misinformed of dates of Ryan's eligibility for coverage and ended up having to reschedule surgery. We thought it was all settled, but were then informed by the doctor's office that we would have to pay a LARGE deductible, plus what the insurance wouldn't cover BEFORE they would even schedule the surgery. It looked impossible for us to come up with the amount the requested. We trusted God completely, but didn't know where to turn or what to do. It felt as if all our options were exhausted. And then, late this last Sunday evening, Ryan's mom called us. Her church has been praying for us for several weeks, and they felt led to take up an offering for us. The generosity was abundant. When she told us the amount given, we were shocked to the point of tears. It was almost EXACTLY what we needed.

That is our most recent miracle. And if anyone ever asks me how I know God provides, I will be able to tell them story after story, from my own life.

I love being married, and am so grateful for the words of encouragement, the prayers, and the support that our friends and family have been. Thank you all!

And that, is my life of the last month. Moving, broken ankles, driving 900 miles (twice!), moving again, planning a wedding and getting married, surgery, new workplace.... I'm ready for a vacation!

Monday, January 26, 2009

just a monday

I know that I said my next post would be a life update, but I find myself short on time. So I will just ramble about nothing for a few moments and then clock in to work. The life update will come soon. I promise.

The weather is cold, and I'm fighting off a head cold, I think. I've been drinking many mugs of green ginger tea, loaded with sweetner, to help it go down. Like Mary Poppins sings, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."

P.J. and Paulina are here, on their way to Houston. We've had a riot so far, eating, laughing, talking, and things like that. They've brought along their menagerie of animals, too, which is interesting. A cat, a dog, and a rat. Yikes!

Ryan and I had a miracle take place yesterday. I will have to include that in a future sharing session. When things look bleak and hopeless, keep plodding on, one step at a time, and trust that God will provide and continue to show His care as much as He ever has.

Friday, January 23, 2009

again and again

Again and again I resolve to bring a blog back to life. Again and again I let other things get in the way. Once again, I make that resolution... to post often. Here is post number one. May there be many more to follow.... Having to travel to a nearby Starbucks or other wifi spot will complicate the process some, but I am determined to follow through!

The next post will be a life update. The last month has seen HUGE changes in my life, and I'm excited to share my news with everyone. (Or no one, depending on if anyone reads what I write...) I want to use this page as a way to keep in touch with those who are close to me in heart, but far away in body. Hundreds of miles seperate me from those dear friends and family now, and I don't want to lose the connections I have.

May the weekend bring you joy and refreshment!