Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wishing on stars...

Fall weather in Oklahoma is amazing. Mornings and evenings are cool, and the days are warm. I was wondering yesterday... if the weather stayed like this year round, would I get tired of it? I'm not sure. As long as there was variety and we had an occasional rainy day or day cool enough to wear a hoodie, I think I'd love it. The one thing I miss is colors. Leaves here change, and are pretty, but they lack the brilliance and POP of those in the north.

Baby Girl is growing and changing so much! She crawls ALL over the place now. I love watching her go full speed ahead in pursuit of some object. Things that never fail to get her attention: the remote, laptop, or cell phone left on the coffee table. It's like she has a radar for these things. She also like to pull things off the small pantry shelf in the laundry room, and try to gnaw through the packages... things like oreos or fruit cups. She babbles almost incessantly, with great fervor and a myriad of expressions. I can't wait for the day when I can understand what she's telling me. Her new favorite food is cheerios, which she can feed herself and grips in her little fist as if they were long-lost treasure. She's amazing.

Exercise is going well, in the consistency realm. And wonder of wonders, I am actually ENJOYING the workouts. TurboJam. Not bad, really. Not annoying and not too intimidating. My only complaint is that the numbers I see on the scale are barely dropping, even though I'm working my butt off several times a week and watching what I eat. Numbers aren't dropping, but my jeans are fitting better and there is less baby fat hanging around. So I am grateful for that... It's just... wouldn't you think that after six+ weeks of exercising a person would see more weight loss than 5 pounds? Maybe not. Guess I'm just impatient! Eventually I WILL get into that next smaller size of jeans, and then after that the jeans that are stored away til I fit back in them... my goal!

I'd like to break into the world of Etsy. It's such a delightful place of whimsy and discovery and charm and fun! There's a few ideas in my head, and am very slowly getting my shop set up. Anyone have tips or ideas on how to make an Etsy shop successful?

This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days (thank you Army Wives)... it made me think though and reminded me to continually ask God for help and guidance, even when it seems that I don't "need" it.

"...Wishing on stars only when you see 'em
Is like asking God for help only when you need it
But I'm wishing anyway...."