Saturday, November 28, 2009

here comes Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it! A year ago I was newly engaged and packing to move across the country, and now here I am, married, with a baby soon to arrive! Ryan and I are grow closer with each passing day, and every day I thank God for bringing him into my life. ** :) **

The baby is growing right on schedule and I have had no troubles other than normal pregnancy inconveniences. She kicks me quite regularly, turning and rolling and poking me in the ribs. I am SO looking forward to the day she's in my arms!

We're trying to start our own holiday traditions... first being cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning. Yum! I also made a pecan pie (for only the second time in my life!) and methinks that will become a tradition as well. Tonight we put up our first Christmas tree. It's so little and cute, sitting atop our entertainment center - no more than two feet tall, with sparkling black and white and silver balls. The perfect size for our bitsy apartment! I'm looking forward to the coming weeks, spending them with my love, and making more traditions as the holidays get closer.

A company Christmas dinner, a baby shower, a trip to Michigan to see my family... that's what these next few weeks hold! Three cheers for the holiday season!