Monday, March 30, 2009

one more day

Another Monday. Another week ahead of me. Where does time go..... ?

A freak snowstorm blasted us on Saturday. Six inches or more. It was all sloppy and wet, and the walk from our apartment door to the truck was lick wading through muck. It was a beautiful mess. Wonder of wonders, Sunday dawned sunny and clear and warmish. Now everything is melted and everything is springlike again. I guess this is the land of extremes...

I'm starting a new part-time job this week... nannying! Two adorable kiddos, ages 2 1/2 and six months. It'll be just a few hours a week, but I'm SO looking forward to it! Ryan and I went to meet the family last week and we totally clicked on many levels. I have a feeling we just may become good friends...

Ryan and I started on our search for a "community group" last night. We'll visit a few before we settle in to one. I'm really looking forward to making a connection with some people here. It was really a blast to hang out with the couples last night. For the first time in my married life, I spent some solid time with married couples who actually are around our ages! They were totally fun and cool... Twas so refreshing!

I'm off to run errands and then work in the world of delicious coffee aromas... Cheers!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random and scattered

My sisters are coming to visit me! It's been barely two months since I last saw my family, yet I miss them so incredibly much. This visit will be a great big boost to me - I've been battling homesickness quite often. :( They will be here sometime over the weekend..... Three cheers for that!

Today, we go for a second post-op checkup for Ryan. Our fingers are crossed that he will be given clearance to begin wearing a boot and be done with the crutches. Poor guy has been on crutches for a good ten weeks already... He will be SO pumped if the doctor says go ahead.

Last week, Ryan had to drive to a prospective job site that was three hours south-east (I think that was the direction), and I was able to ride along. We saw BEAUTIFUL scenery... mountains and rolling hills, neverending pine forests, lightening storms... it was very refreshing. I've been in the city for so long that I forgot what it's like to stand in the middle of nowhere and hear nothing but the wind moving through trees and birds singing. God's creation is amazing and breathtaking. Now I want to go camping and spend days in a place like that.

And my last random topic - I've been observing people during times of worship at church, and it's so interesting to me how people act out their worship in different ways. It's also inspiring to me.... to let myself lose my fears of what people around me may think and lose myself in praise and adoration of my Savior. That's what it's all about, anyway. HIM. Not me. I see people raising their hands, closing their eyes, singing their hearts out. I see heads bowed. I see dancing. I see joy, gratefulness, adoration, excitement. It's also been impressed on my heart the huge example parents are to their children in this area. A mother in front of me singing with abandon, arms lifted high. Her young daughter - no more than five - stood on the chair next to her, one arm around her mom's waist and the other lifted high. Following her mother's example. A father at the end of our row, holding the hands of his three year old son, dancing around during a lively, joyous song. Leading by example. These children will grow to love worship and have no fear of showing that joy. I want my kids to be like those kids. I want to be a parent like that.