Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's 5pm on a Thursday and Baby Girl just went down for a late nap. Running errands for a good part of the day doesn't help keep her on a good nap schedule, but she is such a trooper and always so cheerful when we're out. She's a little social butterfly. Currently, she loves waving at people and things... be it the empty cars in the parking lot or an elderly man in the dairy department at Walmart. This afternoon we browsed a Hallmark store (gosh, how long has it been since I was in a Hallmark store???) and she was fascinated... especially when we got to the aisle full of dog statues. She started babbling and chattering and squealing with delight. Moments like that delight my soul way deep down. On the way home, we were listening to the local country music station (an occasional guilty pleasure of mine. So shoot me!) and a very lively, boppy kind of song came on. I glanced in my rear-view mirror to see her reaction and grinned when I saw a huge smile fill her little face and I watched as she started wiggling and bopping in her carseat. She is such a continual joy! Who could ever say that kids are a bother? This little girl with her bright blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and barely-there hair is the bright spot of my days.

Not many weeks ago it was Thanksgiving. It was a lovely weekend, really. In preparation, I spent a day with my sister-in-law baking pies and other treats for the big family get-together. The morning of the holiday I baked cinnamon rolls (our new holiday tradition), and we made coffee. Husby had a rare 4-day weekend, and it was amazing to spend 4 long days with him, doing whatever we wanted to do. Sleeping in past 6:30am, snuggling with Baby Girl in our bed, eating WAY too much pie, and just being together as a family. It was pure heaven.

While the past few weeks (and months!) have been relatively easy, in comparison to the summer of Husby being away all the time, I have still struggled to stay "up" emotionally. We're out of the apartment and in a house and the space is lovely. I am so completely grateful for this chance to get ahead financially for a few months, but at the same time, it's hard to live in a space that's not really ours. I'm grateful that we get along so well with the in-laws, and that the days they are here rarely include drama, but I will be relieved when we are in our own home again and I don't need to be "on" all the time. Honestly, I can't wait to "nest" in my own little place and make it all mine. But is it clear that I am grateful for such a wonderful place to live? Baby Girl has her own room, Husby and I have our own space, it's warm and so much more space, and I'm in love with the washer and dryer. I'm somewhat frustrated at myself for being so melancholy and struggling so much when I am so blessed. Does this make any sense to anyone? I haven't conquered this yet, but I was brought back to reality twice in the past week. The first time, when we were able to help provide some basic necessities and a few Christmas surprises for a friend with two young daughters who is jobless and homeless. She was overjoyed beyond words and I realized how much my little family actually has. I'm ashamed to be here whining in my head because we don't have more. The second reality check was Sunday, when Husby and I were volunteering at a Toys for Tots distribution. I had to choke back tears several times as I observed the hundreds of families in need. Their faces told stories that would break your heart. Again, I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am. Life has been treating us well. God has provided for us exactly what we have needed, although often not more. We have plenty to eat, a warm place to sleep, reliable transportation, and small pleasures. Our dreams and desires are big, and it's been a struggle this fall to be content and grateful for where God has us when it seems so far from where we want to be. We certainly have no reason to complain. I am determined to be grateful and JOYFUL in my circumstances.

Christmas is only a week away. How is that even possible? I've pretty much been a complete slacker in regards to Christmas and gifts this year, so much so that I'm afraid my family's gifts will not arrive on their doorstep until New Years... It dawned on me yesterday that this is the first time in my life that I will not be with my mom and siblings for Christmas. That thought put a bit of a damper on a day that was already cloudy, and carried over into today. Blah.... My therapy? I've been baking cookies out the wazoo. (Hello 5lbs that I lost before Thanksgiving...) Come visit me. I'll share a plate of melt-in-your-mouth iced sugar cookies and a pot of coffee, and we will chat while laughing at the antics of my rosy-cheeked 11-month old daughter.

Merry Christmas.
Let the peace of Christ dwell in you always.
Happy New Year.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-laa-laaaaa......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wishing on stars...

Fall weather in Oklahoma is amazing. Mornings and evenings are cool, and the days are warm. I was wondering yesterday... if the weather stayed like this year round, would I get tired of it? I'm not sure. As long as there was variety and we had an occasional rainy day or day cool enough to wear a hoodie, I think I'd love it. The one thing I miss is colors. Leaves here change, and are pretty, but they lack the brilliance and POP of those in the north.

Baby Girl is growing and changing so much! She crawls ALL over the place now. I love watching her go full speed ahead in pursuit of some object. Things that never fail to get her attention: the remote, laptop, or cell phone left on the coffee table. It's like she has a radar for these things. She also like to pull things off the small pantry shelf in the laundry room, and try to gnaw through the packages... things like oreos or fruit cups. She babbles almost incessantly, with great fervor and a myriad of expressions. I can't wait for the day when I can understand what she's telling me. Her new favorite food is cheerios, which she can feed herself and grips in her little fist as if they were long-lost treasure. She's amazing.

Exercise is going well, in the consistency realm. And wonder of wonders, I am actually ENJOYING the workouts. TurboJam. Not bad, really. Not annoying and not too intimidating. My only complaint is that the numbers I see on the scale are barely dropping, even though I'm working my butt off several times a week and watching what I eat. Numbers aren't dropping, but my jeans are fitting better and there is less baby fat hanging around. So I am grateful for that... It's just... wouldn't you think that after six+ weeks of exercising a person would see more weight loss than 5 pounds? Maybe not. Guess I'm just impatient! Eventually I WILL get into that next smaller size of jeans, and then after that the jeans that are stored away til I fit back in them... my goal!

I'd like to break into the world of Etsy. It's such a delightful place of whimsy and discovery and charm and fun! There's a few ideas in my head, and am very slowly getting my shop set up. Anyone have tips or ideas on how to make an Etsy shop successful?

This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days (thank you Army Wives)... it made me think though and reminded me to continually ask God for help and guidance, even when it seems that I don't "need" it.

"...Wishing on stars only when you see 'em
Is like asking God for help only when you need it
But I'm wishing anyway...."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today was an ok day. Baby Girl was mostly cheerful, but her naps were less than they should have been and her awake time was spent wanting to be held every other minute. Being needed constantly has a way of wearing on a person. But she's adorable, so I can't complain. She's getting more mobile every day... she pulls up on everything she can and this afternoon I found her stuck in the bottom of her exersaucer. She was very frustrated but it was quite adorable.

The mornings and evenings are now delightfully cool. Crisp, even. Very much fall-like. Weather like this puts me in the mood for baking... and so I made muffins this morning. I made these, minus the sugar and plus some chopped apples and cinnamon. Delicious AND healthy. I also made a batch of these for Baby Girl to munch on. (Natural Teething Biscuits, 9th recipe down) She approved.

Monday, September 27, 2010


This post was going to start with me sharing about how I have made another resolution to blog regularly. However, knowing that I've said that innumerable times in the past and not really stuck with it, I don't think I will say that. I'll just think it, and we'll see what happens.

Newflash: my many resolutions to exercise more are finally sticking. I have walked a mile and a half at least 5xs a week for the past month and now I'm adding in a separate cardio workout 3xs a week (or more!). Baby Girl loves our walks. She sits up in her stroller and chatters at passing trees, the neighborhood dogs, and birds that fly by. The cardio I fit in at naptime. I'm not dreading my workouts as much as I thought I would. In fact, I would even dare to say that I enjoy them. How shocking is THAT? Maybe partly due to the cooler weather, maybe it's more than that. I'm mainly using the Turbo Jam dvds, with a little Pilates here and there for variety. I will say that if you happened to catch sight of me doing TurboJam, you'd probably be quite entertained... my moves aren't quite as smooth as the people on the video. ;) Also, when Husby's schedule gets him home early enough, he and I will go for a run with Baby Girl in the stroller. It's SO incredibly helpful to have someone to work out with! He and I have set a goal to each lose at least 20lbs. by Christmas. I'm starting to get really excited about getting back to where I was 2 years ago... Three cheers for liking how you look and not having to worry about fitting into things! There's one particular little black dress I have that I never got to wear (thank you lost luggage!) that I'll wear on a snazzy date with my man. Maybe I'll fit into it by our 2nd anniversary in January. How awesome would that be?!?!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interesting concept

Here's a new site someone told me about... I'll have to look into it. Any thoughts?

Husby and I plan to teach our kids at home... or at least start that way. There are just so many methods and resources available!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

no progress

I am not making progress... Well, at least not visible. I HAVE been watching portions and trying to eat more nutritiously. It is very slow going. I could easily make excuses but really, what's the point of that? Truth is, my self-control and motivation are extremely lacking. Yes, I have been in a hotel for half of the past two weeks (staying with Husby while he works out of town) and eating snacks all day and going out for dinner isn't exactly conducive to weight control. My wish right now would be for a babysitter a few times a week so I could go work out. Ideally, a neighbor. But alas, I don't know any of them and they all seem kinda kooky. (the joys of apartment dwelling!) I keep wishing for the humidity to go away so I could enjoy being outside, and for the heat warnings to be over so I don't have to worry about Caitlyn getting overheated. What will it take for me to get control of this part of my life?

I'm being a bit dramatic...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

gotta get away

It's a very gray day and I'm sitting in a hotel room, watching tv and surfing the net. Outside the window (which overlooks a beautiful pool area) rain has been falling intermittently all morning long. Baby Girl is sleeping in her pack'n'play, and Husby is at the job site. His company's current project is nearing completion and there are workers on site 7 days a week. Thus, a superintendent must be there to oversee, and this weekend is my man's turn. Lucky for us, Baby and I were able to come visit and spend the weekend with him. Almost a mini-vaca... minus the part where Husby has to be at work. But being together every evening is incredibly nice, and something I will never take for granted again!

So far my vows to exercise regularly have resulted in epic failure. A day or two a week I manage to convince myself to get out and DO something active... Other than that, phooey. I don't know what my problem is... Besides the unbearably hot and humid weather. I keep telling myself that if I get a jogging stroller I'll start running and stick with it. Ummm... yeah... when has any other resolution like that worked? Or there's the T-tapp workout that looks extremely intriguing and requires nothing more than empty floor space. Maybe I need to arrange childcare for Caitlyn a few evenings a week and then I can at least go run on the elliptical. Gotta do SOMETHING!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

timing & provision

Sad news: my faithful little laptop is starting to spaz out. A few weeks ago, it fell off the coffee table and crashed the hard drive. Nothing major was lost... just some pictures (the best of which are already on facebook), random journaling, and my internet bookmarks. All non-earth-shattering. This weekend, the screen started blacking out. This problem is QUITE earth-shattering, at least to me. Sad as it may be to some, the computer and internet are my lifeline to my family and friends - most of which are scattered far across the country. The weekend was ok, because Husby was home and I could use his work laptop. However, the coming week loomed ominously ahead... it looked bleak as I tried to imagine a several days without a computer. I could do it. It would just be a HUGE adjustment.

But guess what? God has impeccable timing, often when we least expect it. There was no budget for a computer repair, and definitely not for a new one. And just when I thought I was going to have a horribly long and lonely week, a friend offered me a monitor to hook up to my spazzy computer. How cool is that!? All I have to do is go pick it up! And then yesterday, after going all day long thinking my comp was unuseable, I decided to try turning it on. AND IT WORKED. Mind you, the screen was all kinds of flickering, making me think it'd black out any second, but it WORKED. I still have the monitor as a backup plan, but for now, I'm back in business.

Yes, I'm being somewhat dramatic about it, but I honestly felt that way. But.... The whole ordeal (small to some, but huge to me), along with some other recent happenings in our life got me thinking about God's provision. It's always perfectly timed and never lacking. When it's God providing, you can FEEL it. Several times over the weekend, I saw God provide in small ways, but though "small", they renewed my hope and my energy to hope. The computer monitor, when my world looked hopelessly confined. Unexpected baby and household items from a new friend. And something in the works that may help our debt-payment-adventure go from slow to high speed! It's exciting!!!! I feel like I've been given a big hug from God and can't wait to see what else He is going to do...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

hope deferred

Yesterday, the sky opened and a sunbeam illuminated a glimmer of hope, just beyond the horizon. Joy built as we envisioned and planned for the relief it would bring. Today, we reached the destination only to discover that it had all been an illusion. And now we are once again left asking why. Trying not to doubt. Feeling tricked. Begging for rest.

I was putting Baby Girl down for a nap this morning, and the simple words of the song I was singing hit me like a load of bricks. "Jesus loves me, this I know..." Jesus loves me. He loves me. That is somewhat of a comfort as I struggle to come to terms (again!) with the fact that this road is still an uphill battle.

Jesus loves me. I will be held when things go wrong. Not forsaken. He is and always will be there, along for the journey and waiting for me at the end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today was a good day. I feel like I accomplished much, and I'm not exhausted. Did lots of laundry, organized myself, sent off a form that required lots of copies to be made, ran some errands, puttered around the house...

Baby Girl took some good naps, and I feel like she got some quality rest. Poor little thing has been drug all over the place the past couple of weeks! I never realized how important consistent consistency is for a baby until having my own child. We're currently working on a nap/bedtime routine... We go in the bedroom, where I rock her in my arms and sing a couple songs, and then lay her in bed. She's usually drowsy-eyed and sicking on her thumb. Halfway through the songs, she takes her thumb out of her mouth, looks up at me, and gives me a sleepy little grin. It's so adorable...

After an epic fail yesterday in my caloric intake, I did very well today. Well enough to reward myself with an ice cream bar after dinner. I <3 ice cream in the summer! Now to stay consistent with that, and add in exercise. Currently stalking craigslist for a jogging stroller. The baby weight is gone, but I desperately need to get back in shape. Maybe by the end of the summer?

Deal finding this week is off to a good start. So far we've hit CVS and Target. Tomorrow is Harps double coupon event... I SO can't wait! Sometimes I wonder how lame is it that finding deals is so exciting and fun for me. But on the other hand, how can a person NOT be happy about getting more for less?

And a bit of news that's making me smile... Husby is coming home tomorrow night rather than Friday. He'll leave again Thursday, but seeing him in the middle of the week makes everything a little brighter. *sigh* I'm so hopelessly in love.

Monday, June 14, 2010

falling rain

It's a Monday, and the skies are gray with falling rain. Sadly, my mood has morphed to fit the gloominess that looms. I've been trying to re-morph my mood into a content one, where the gentle patter of rain is soothing, but so far no luck. Two cups of coffee this morning, slowly sipped, while catching up with the online world. Baby Girl is teething, I think. Or something... Her naps are anything but predictable lately. Thirty minutes. Maybe an hour. And she has gone from sleeping eight hours straight at night to three - four hour stretches. I know they say that once your get used to something with a baby, everything changes... but I feel like I have very few nerves left. Husby left again this morning for another week away. I do not like to see him go, and I will quickly admit that this is extremely hard on me. But... I keep reminding myself that it's only a few days at a time and that it should be over in August. Maybe then life will return to some semblance of normality. It has helped incredibly much to hae CC here. I don't know what I will do when she leaves next week. Somehow I need to get my emotional tank full again...

Yesterday's sermon challenged me a bit... to have an unstoppable faith. I know I keep asking "Why, God? Why is life so freakin' hard right now? When will it be over? How much longer do I have to prove myself?" Deep down in my heart, I know that God's timing is perfect and that He will never cease to be faithful, but as I've voiced before, it's been quite difficult to get my head wrapped around that fact. Yesterday I listened as the pastor spoke about Moses, and how after he was the pride and glory of Egypt, he spent 40 years in the desert. FORTY YEARS. Forty years of silence and feeling forgotten. That certainly makes my issues seem small. And in those forty years, God did not forget, but He was waiting for the perfect time to act, molding Moses in the meantime.


Now the hard part... remembering these things when I'm in the midst of a difficult moment... or day. Remembering that my life is not really bad or hard, when compared to what others face. Remembering that God is watching and waiting and that He IS moving, even though I can't see it. Remembering that He loves me and is there to wrap His arms around me at anytime. Raise your coffee mugs with me - here's to an unstoppable faith!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

little sister

My youngest sister is visiting me for three weeks. THREE whole weeks!!! It's SO very wonderful to have a part of my family here with me. I really love Oklahoma and my life here, but a girl does get homesick now and again. Anyway, we've been hanging out lots, having GREAT times. Sixteen is a fun age. :) Time at the pool, playing with Baby Girl, shopping, baking, movies... it's been a lovely three days so far. :) AND.... I'm giving her a crash course in couponing and finding deals. So far we've hit up Walgreens (sweet deals!), Target (more sweet deals), Krispy Kreme (do I hear a shout out for free donuts??), introduced her to Chikfila (free spicy chicken sandwiches!), and checked out the brand new QT (three cheers for .49cent drinks). We also stumbled on coupons for free drinks at Taco Bell and more free donuts from Krispy Kreme, so you can guess where we'll be eating... Now we need to work some exercise into our plans. (bah humbug!)

Baby Girl has discovered the fine art of rolling over, from her tummy to her back. It's incredibly adorable to find her in her bed in the morning, not on her tummy, but on her back, rolling around and talking to herself. Even at 4:30 in the morning...

Sweet deals this week:
Walgreens: we spent $10.92, saved $56.38, and have $4.50 in RR! We got: 4 boxes Kotex U products, 4 bags of Hersheys pieces, 3 bars Neutrogena face soap, 7 packs of Orbit gum, 3 cans Arizona tea, 2 bags of Lifesavers, 1 Butterfinger, and 3 bottles asprin. Not bad for $10, eh?

Target: (we totally rocked here!)
I think I threw my receipts away when I cleaned out my purse, but I can tell you about the 40 bottles of Sobe Lifewater for only $5 oop!!!! Target had a deal this week that for every 10 bottles you bought, you'd get a $5 gift card. We used a .50/1 Target coupon for each bottle, and did four separate transactions. We spent $5 the first time, and then the second transactions we used the $5 GC. The third transaction we had three B1/G1 coupons to add to the .50/1 Qs, so we only used $2 off the GC. Last transaction we had two b1/g1 Qs, so we used the remaining $3 on the GC and came out with an extra $5 GC. I think we did pretty good, eh?

This week will bring more sisterly, deal-finding adventures.... we'll be sure to keep you posted!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


And life continues on... Summer has set in, hot and humid. Lines at the local snowcone shacks are long. Pools are open and crowded from morning to well after dark. Baby Girl is sleeping longer every night (nine hours straight last night!), and rolling from her tummy to her back quite routinely. There's something strangely endearing about being woken up at 4:30am by a cooing baby, who, when you check on her, is not on her tummy as you left her, but rather on her back, playing with her blanket and smiling when she sees you.

This last week was a strange one, in that Husby was out of town 4 of the 5 weekdays, including two nights away. The coming week will be the same, as will the next three months. I do not like him being gone so much... it's lonely. But it's a necessity right now, and it gives me a greater appreciation for those who deal with this as a normal part of life. The bright side is that Baby and I can occasionally go spend a day or two with him. We'll explore the "unique" little towns that are a part of middle-of-nowhere OK and TX.

My baby sister (who's now 16!!!) is coming to visit in a few days. Three cheers for that! We will go shopping and swimming and watch chick-flicks, and have a total blast. Baby Girl is going to love meeting her Aunt CC, too. :)

And that's about it. Just another normal week in the life of a stay-at-home-mommy. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

head above water

I have thought about this blog often in the past couple of weeks. Visions of sitting down and typing have played through my mind at regular intervals. I think this has been the busiest I've been since I was pregnant, and trying to accomplish it all with a four-month old baby was no small feat. Besides being incredibly busy with THINGS to do, PLACES to be, and TASKS to accomplish, there has been turmoil to sort through. Small family dramas, employment uncertainties, life decisions, etc, etc. The few times I did try and write, my mind refused to cooperate, begging instead for a few moments of silence and time to just zone out. It looks like things are slowing down now, and I'm glad. I think much more of what felt like chaos, and I'd break down in tears... and then only a day or two of watching fluff filled movies, eating comfort food, and snuggling with my baby and husby would have helped me recover!

It's a curiosity really, the things that God allows into our lives at times. Like when we feel we are doing everything right and on track, and yet life is HARD. Like when it feels that curveballs are being thrown one after another and there is no way to see them coming and prepare. We beg God to give us just a glimpse of what He is doing and it feels silent... We hold on, knowing that He is good and faithful, but wanting to see evidence. It's a hard road, but one I will continue to walk, even though I have my days of stopping to cry and say, "God, please! I need some air!". One day, all this will be clear. I am really looking forward to seeing the big picture for this season of our lives...


In other news, Baby Girl is growing SO much lately! Not only has she jumped into the next size diapers and clothes, her development is progressing more every day. She rolls over now, from her tummy to her back. (A look of wide-eyed shock accompanies this feat.) She's beginning to lay on her tummy and play happily for a few minutes at a time. She grabs at toys that dangle about her. She laughs and giggles. EVERYTHING captures her interest. She is getting to be so much FUN! She is my light on gray days. :)


In couponing and deal finding news, I totally rocked CVS the past two weeks. A new store opened near me, and mailed out a set of coupons. $10 off a $20 purchase, a free 2 liter of Coke, and up to $3 off a CVS brand product. They allowed all coupons to be combined into one purchase, so it made it easy to pay a dollar or two for over $20 worth of stuff. The best part? I live in an apartment complex, and many of my neighbors threw their coupons in the junk mail bin up by the mailboxes. I snatched up as many as I could and made SEVERAL trips to CVS, doing multiple transactions each time. We are totally stocked up on Coke, Vitamin Water, pop, and bottled water... Not to mention toiletries, makeup, paper goods.... It was SUCH an incredible blessing to be able to get so much for so very little.

All of this for only $2.71!!!!! (A savings of almost $200!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

being a mother

It's always encouraging when someone you don't expect expresses how great they think it is that you've made the choice to be a stay-at-home-mom. Not that I am unsure of my decision. It's just really nice - affirming - to hear it from someone from whom you don't expect it. From the time I was a little girl, I knew that "when I grew up" I wanted to be a mommy. I never had aspirations or dreams of a great career. Instead my dreams were about puttering around my house, making cookies and doing fun things with my kids. And now that my life is just that, I am happy. Fulfilled. I don't want more. Of course I have days when I feel like going insane because the only people I've seen for three days are my husband and infant daughter, but that's easily remedied by a trip to Target or Starbucks. :) This is a good life I lead. As always, God has been good.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lost... bought... found.

Yesterday I lost my phone. One my morning walk with Baby Girl, it fell out of the stroller somewhere. I searched my whole route. Twice. And found nothing. It is amazing how attached one can become to a little piece of plastic. Honestly, I felt as if I was disconnected from the world. And I felt like a big clutz... having to replace a phone could not have come at a more inconvenient time. But God was good and we discovered that we were eligible for upgrade pricing... Now I have a sweet new phone, and it was quite a good deal! Wanna know the crazy thing? After I went to get the new one this morning, I checked in at the apartment complex office to see if anyone had found it and turned it in. It was there. And it still worked. *sigh* Oh well. It was about dead anyway, having been drowned twice and dropped about a bazillion times. Now I have a backup phone if anything drastic happens to the new one. I will admit... My new phone is pretty sweet... Touch screen. Full keyboard. The works.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Grandpa S. was in town today with a few hours to kill in between the young uncle's baseball games. Husby recruited Grandpa and the boys to watch Baby Girl while we ran a few errands together. (Yay for mini-dates!) We left the boys with brownies, sandwiches and a sleeping baby, while R & I went to Target. It's nice to go out without the baby every once in a while...

My $3 Snuggle Qs arrived in the mail yesterday so I stacked them with $1.50/1 Target Qs and scored us some FREE Snuggle! (x4!) Then I found a cute purse on clearance for $3.74 and used a $5/1 purse coupon. The overage allowed me to get one more bottle of Snuggle for like... 20cents. Total for 5 bottles of Snuggle and 1 purse? $1.48. Oh yeah!!!! This is my most awesome trip yet!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Busy-ness

Today dawned cloudy. I was so sleepy that I never heard Husby's alarm go off, and that's super unusual for me! Baby Girl woke around 8am (God answered my prayer for extra sleep!) and I took that as my cue to rise from the dead. (This sinus-infection is really zapping my energy!) There was much to accomplish on this gray, humid day.

We were out the door around 9am. My goal - hit up Walgreens, CVS, and Target before Baby Girl decided she'd had enough of the car seat. I almost made it. She made her protests known as we checked out at Target. By the time we returned home, her wails were reaching a peak... Oh for the day when she will sit in the cart and be amused with a toy!

Since she's been down for a nap, I put groceries away, reorganized the fridge, ate lunch, made brownies (for the coupon swap tonight!) cleaned kitchen, and surfed the net. Now it's about time to leave for my twice-weekly babysitting gig. I will spend 4 hours with 4 kids under age 8, plus Baby Girl. Then I will drive home, drop her off for her daddy to put her to bed, and go to my first ever coupon swap. Yay!!! I'm super-excited to meet the ladies from the forums, and hopefully get some great Q's!

Today's deals:
Spent 7.84, received $4 in Extra Care Bucks, saved $10
Got: 2 Colgate Pro-Clinical Toothpastes, 1 Huggies Wipes, & 1 gallon Borden milk

Spent $11.59, received $5 GC, Saved $17
Bought: 3 jumbo packs Huggies diapers

(I'll post the awesome deals, and not my whole grocery trip... it wasn't all on sale or a deal, but some things you just need...)
2 Classico alfredo sauces, 2 44oz red pasta sauces, 1lb. ground beef - $2.77+tax!
2 Off! clip on repellent - $3+tax
Chocolate Silk 1/2 gal. - .69!
2pk Up&Up mouthwash - 2.48(less than the price of one regularly!)
and other goodies....

Time is short, I must go!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting New

Every so often I make a resolution to myself to begin blogging regularly... A few posts are made and then I get distracted and forget, or fail to make the time. And yet, I really like blogging. So here I am, once again, making a resolution to start blogging. Again.

Life is a little different now, and yet still very much the same. Difference #1: The baby is here, and how incredibly precious she is. Three months old already! She's got the chubbiest cheeks and thighs with the cutest rolls... *sigh* I fall more in love with her every day. Difference #2: I'm no longer working and am officially a SAHM. Funny thing... I don't really miss it. Methinks I was meant to live life this way. Umm... I guess those are the biggest differences.

Mommyhood is awesome. Yes, there are trying days, but the joys - like seeing my daughter's face light up in a huge slobbery grin - erase all the irritations. Lack of sleep? Yes, but holding her warm little body in the middle of the night fills me with a new burst of energy. Fussy and clingy all day long, leaving me with little time to do anything else but hold her? I forget all that when she falls asleep on my chest while we rock in the rocking chair, sucking her little fist. She's overtaken my life, and I couldn't mind less.

I have a new hobby. It's not all that glamorous, but it's fun. For me, at least. Couponing! It's a game. A challenge. And I get a little crazy over it sometimes. But it's been SO cool to see our food and household item selections grow without spending any more money. Rather than living from one weekly shopping trip to the next, having to almost completely stock up each time, we now have extra ahead of time. Advance warning: from time to time, I am going to post about my savings adventures and deals I find. Hope it doesn't bore you, and if it does, well... you were warned!

Today I'm babysitting a 7 month old. He's been hanging out with me and Baby Girl all day. It's been a little interesting... Baby Girl, who can't yet entertain herself, and K. After I agreed to watch him I wondered if I'd been crazy, but gratefully it's gone rather well. (knock on wood) Their naps have alternated a little, overlapped some, and right now Baby Girl is still asleep while K sits on my kitchen floor, happily banging plastic measuring cups together. All in all, I give today's adventure a two thumbs up!

One more thing, and then I'll go for today. I must get this post-pregnancy body back into shape! The first 6 weeks were ok, and even good - I felt so small after delivery. But now... ugh... My goal: to fit back into my clothes, not only from pre-pregnancy, but from pre-marriage! (Why is it that the first year of marriage so often leads to extra pounds?) That's a good 20 pounds or more and it's going to be brutal... I love eating and hate exercising. Accomplishment: today while the babies were both napping I did 30 minutes of Pilates. Cheer me on!

What's new in YOUR world?